Our Liturgy at St Joseph’s



In normal times we have a sung Mass every Sunday.  A wide range of music is used to suit the Liturgical season and a small group of singers meet regularly to practice the music and lead the congregation in song.  It is said that “those who sings pray twice!” Please feel free to come along.


For some years our youngsters enjoyed a special liturgy for the children at the 9.00am Mass with activities and songs based around the Gospel message for the week. Children can feel more involved when they have the word of God broken down into these manageable pieces by the team who are practiced and gifted in communicating with little ones.  Hopefully as more children return to attending Mass in church rather than at home via the internet, we will resume this practice.

If you have a talent for flower-arranging (or would like to develop one) make yourself known to Angela Thompson who heads the flower arranging team.  During the pandemic we have used mainly silk flowers to reduce the number of visits necessary for maintaining the arrangements.

altar flowers


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