In April 2018 Samara’s Aid Appeal sent 101,380 tonnes of non-food aid, collected by churches, individuals, and community groups across the UK to Al Ghouta outside Damascus. During April, May, and June we distributed this aid in East and West Ghouta, with assistance from local partners, to 11,492 displaced families who fled from their homes in East Ghouta. Family sizes ranged between five and fifteen people with an average of ten, including extended family. More than 100,000 displaced people were served with clothes, shoes, bedding, hygiene items mobility and medical aid as well as care packs for pregnant and post-natal women and families, dignity bags for women and girls as well as hygiene bags for children.

Life is still an enormous struggle for so many in Syria, and this winter will again be a fight for survival for too many people across this war-ravaged country.  You cannot imagine the conditions that so many are living in.  Living like this in Summer is unacceptable, but when the colder weather sets in they will need all the help we can give.  It has snowed during many of the recent winters in Syria.  Many of these people are living under shelters unfit for accommodating animals.  But these are not animals they are human beings, and most importantly they are our brothers and sisters. They need our help, desperately.

Please call into the office and collect information sheets to how to make a child’s Smiley Bag.

You can help relieve the suffering of innocent little ones in war torn Syria and Iraq.

Alternatively  find details of dignity bags for women in the war torn area.  We did this earlier in the year but the problem is an on-going one and they need our help.





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