We urgently need to help

“Coronavirus is a tsunami heading towards the homes of millions of poor communities who have nothing to protect themselves from its devastating impacts”

Christine Allen, Director, CAFOD

At a recent CAFOD meeting, Liz Baldwin outlined actions that we can take to help those suffering the effects of the pandemic much more intensely than we are in the UK.

FIRSTFundraise or donate to the appeal – click below and type in DONATE


SECOND – Sign the CAFOD petition – it could not be more easy


THIRD – Pray – there are lots of ideas and suggestions below


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Bishop Declan had expected to be conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday 3rd October this year at 11.00am.  The preparation programme was open to all young people in school Years 9 and above.  Many had joined the programme, which started earlier this year.

As a result of the corona virus pandemic things have slowed to a stop and we must be patient to see what will happen.

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If you shop on line your chosen charities can benefit

How TheGivingMachine Works


Click on the links above to learn about this scheme, promoted by the Diocese.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. No fees, no hassle. All you need to do is click via TheGivingMachine every time you shop online. It’s as simple as that!

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In September we hope to return to our normal recitation of the Rosary at 8.30am prior to our Sunday 9.00am Mass.  Many have been faithfully saying a daily rosary at home during the COVID crisis of course but there is much comfort in being together as we ask Our Lady to intercede for us with God at this difficult time for everyone

Whenever you find the rosary being recited in our church, please join in as soon as you arrive.

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Dear Parishioner

Thank you all so much for your unbelievable generosity over the last number of years in response to our appeals for aid, made on behalf of Samara Levi.

The charity founded five years ago this month has, over time, dispatched in excess of 100 shipping containers full of medical equipment, countless dignity bags for ladies and girls, essential items for children and babies, bedding etc, and even a number of ambulances!

Alongside this, Samara has funded the re-establishment of badly damaged hospitals and had the brilliant idea of having a number of the empty containers coverted into frontline trauma centres.

We were expecting another appeal during last January however, following feedback from sources in Syria that the border was closing to foreign aid, the shipment was cancelled.

As a result, our refugee support group (TRSG) decided to divert the aid we had accumultated to a well known charity that were, due to having a greater historic connection with the Middle East, able to access the areas in most neeed.

We have sinc suspended large scale appeals, but have continued to receive small quantities of clothing, knitted items etc that have been delivered to a charity in Malvern that has continued to sort and supply these to where they are most needed.

As a matter of interest, Samara continues to work tirelessly in support for the needs of the millions of Syrians still desperately short of health care provision and so much more.

If you are interested in finding out more about the charity please go the website  www.samarasaidappeal.org

She has, in fact, just had published a book telling her own story on how she was so moved to start this work – You can find it on Amazon entitiled “Rebuilding the Ruins”

Smara’s focus now is to raise funds to build a new hospital, which is currently in the early stages of being designed.  However, this is a fairly long term project and will need funding.

In terms of future aid supplies, there is a suggestion that later this year there will be an appeal for children’s school items where we will be asked to provide school bags filled with all the small but necessary things for their education.

Finally, our situation isn’t ideal for us to commit  full time to this rewarding work.  If there is anyone feeling  able to help we would be so very grateful.

Best wishes

Richard and Bridget Sear





CLIFTON DIOCESE. A Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales under number 10462076. A registered charity number 1170168. Registered Office: St Ambrose North Road Leigh Woods Bristol BS8 3PW

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